If Sheet1 has the setup you want and Sheet2 is to receive the same settings.

Most of the people, they repeat all the Page setup settings for every sheet. Instead, you can simply copy the page setup of 1 sheet to multiple sheets.

Here’s what the print preview looks like for sheet1 :

And Sheet2:

So, you can see that Sheet2 is portrait and has no left/center header, while sheet1 has landscape, has an italicized center header, a date for the left header, and the data is shown with gridlines and row & column headings.

We’d like sheet2’s settings to be the same as sheet1 ‘s settings. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Put both sheets in group edit (with Sheet1 active, ctrl/click Sheet2-you can also shift/click, but if you’re using sheets which aren’t next to each other, ctrl/click will only put the 2nd sheet in group mode, whereas shift/click will put all the sheets in-between in group mode).
  2. Use dialog arrow in the Page Setup section of the Page Layout Tab to bring up the Page Setup dialog:

… which displays:

  1. Click OK (you don’t even have to look at the settings!)
  2. Get out of group edit (shift click a sheet tab), or right-click a sheet tab and select Ungroup Sheets.
  3. That’s it. Really! Here’s Sheet2 now:

You can do this with >1 sheet at a time, or even the entire workbook. To do it for more than 1 sheet, simply put all the sheets in group mode and have the sheet with the settings you want to copy be the active sheet. Then Page setup/OK/get out of group mode!

To do the entire workbook, right-click a sheet tab, select “Select All Sheets,” and repeat the process.

Don’t forget to get out of group mode!